AWE Summit 2023

AWE Summit 2023

AWE Summit happens every other year and brings together African Women, Men and Youth from all over Europe. This year the summit will be hosted in Brussel, Belgium at nhow Brussels Bloom Hotel. All AWE members friends, fans and supporters are invited to the Summit.

Following the Theme of the year “Diaspora Inclusion in the Value Chain” we will be recognizing and awarding Diaspora women, men and youth who are involved in supporting the Africa continent economically either in their community in Africa or in the diaspora. This will include all sectors.

We kick off the event with a expiring Conference, after which we will close the day with our famous Gala Award.


During the Conference we will focus on topics below:

“Building Bridges: Understanding the African Business Landscape” – Presentation that provides an overview of the African business landscape, including the challenges and opportunities. The workshop will explore the various ways the diaspora can get involved, including investment opportunities, entrepreneurship, and partnerships with existing businesses.

“Partnering for Success: Matchmaking between the Diaspora and African Businesses” – Presentation that connects diaspora entrepreneurs and businesses with their African counterparts. The workshop will provide a platform for matchmaking, networking, and the sharing of business ideas and experiences.

“From the Diaspora to Africa: Navigating the Legal and Regulatory Landscape” – Presentation that provides practical advice on how to navigate the legal and regulatory environment in Africa. The workshop will cover topics such as company formation, intellectual property protection, and compliance with local laws and regulations.

“Fostering Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Strategies for Successful Business Partnerships between the Diaspora and Africa” – A workshop that focuses on the cultural differences and challenges that arise when partnering with businesses in Africa. The workshop will provide strategies for overcoming these challenges and fostering successful cross-cultural business partnerships.

“Sustainable Investing in Africa: Understanding the Social and Environmental Impact of Diaspora Investments” –  A workshop that explores the impact of diaspora investments on the social and environmental well-being of African communities. The workshop will provide practical advice on how to invest in Africa in a responsible and sustainable manner.

AWE Gala Awards


  1. Be a resident in Europe.
  2. All nominees will be nominated by country representatives and submitted by end of March 2023
  3. AWE will send the nominees confirmation email
  4. Nominees will submit in writing, their acceptance of the nomination and the use of their name, photo and information in connection with the AWE Award.
  5. Upon notification of nomination, the nominee MUST be prepared to register and be able to attend AWE Award Ceremony where the Awards will be formally presented
  6. Visit our website to be a member (you must be a member of AWE for us to proceed) AWE Website
  7. Nominees will be announced in public from April on Event Website

Awards Categories

  1. AWE Award (Main Award
  2. AWE UK Awards
  3. AWE Germany Awards
  4. AWE Holland Awards
  5. AWE Switzerland Awards
  6. AWE Belgium Award s
  7. AWE Youth Award
  8. Africa-Europe Company Award 1st
  9. Organization/Groups Awards

The AWE summit will end with Entertainment and Awards

Sponsors and Exhibitors are welcome to show case their Africa products or services